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Classic Car Search

We live for this. Holly Grail, Barnfind, Survivor, rusty and almost destroyed or simply in Pristine Condition. Our goal is to search for anything that we can get back on the road again.

Concours Restoration

Restore your classic car to the detail and pristine condition of the day that it came off the assembly line.

Express Detailing

Pamper your classic. Not all parts that look old have to be replaced, maybe with a little bit of our specialized cleaning and those washed out blinkers, or that dry leather will be back to it’s original look.

Classics Maintenance

A classic car can turn out to be a puzzle for an inexperienced mechanic but for our technicians, a classic car is always more desirable than any modern car. Contact our workshop and book the visit of your classic.

Bike Tailoring

A motorbike that doesn’t reflect our state of mind, and also that doesn’t give us a sense of belonging or simply it has details that need to be improved, is something incomplete. Bike Tailoring exists to transform our daily machine into an embodiment of our spirit.

Handcrafted Bikes

Author designed motorcycles, is a bit pompous phrase but that’s what we do. We turn an iconic model and into a piece of design of unique and original detail.


The passion and way of life.

Classic Cars

Classic cars searchers, Tastefully drivers

How does a mass produced machine made in an assembly line, gain an unique character? How does a machine produced by the millions, used by thousands and thousands of kilometers in hundreds of countries, become a precious jewel? If you don’t know the answer to these questions then Vintage Factor is not for you. Any car can become an iconic object in our minds. In a car you can have a variety of life fulling experiences, from when you were a boy or a girl siting down on your father’s lap while pretending to drive the family car, until the first time that you stopped your car at the park to be with your first love. The years that pass by Classic Cars are unrepeatable, and each owner of a Mercedes, Fiat, Porsche, Opel, Ferrari or VW registered their own fingerprints in different details that later enthusiasts seek. A classic car is an example of how time shapes and perfects something that man has created, whether such influence results in an pristine and indistinguishable state from when it left the assembly line, or if it’s in a rusted and rotting condition that often we find these forgotten jewels.

The words riding or rider define a state of mind. Define a mentality. Define a style and more than that, define a Way of Life and a sub-culture. It is difficult to translate these words into a Portuguese, we don’t have a word that comes close to the concept of Riding or Rider … Just as it is difficult to translate what we do with our costumed bikes. Perhaps the best explanation for what we do is, we enhance the unique characteristics of the bike and we shape its appearance to symbolize more brilliantly the state of mind of it’s Rider.

South Side Motorcycles

Pure pleasure riders

Life is too short to drive boring cars...


We are all goodfellas, a little bit crazy but with our feet on the ground. We love everything that has wheels and an engine aged enough to order it’s own whisky and we love vintage junk. The group has an architect, two mechanics and an ex-jornalist, each one with his one point of view but with only one motto “life is too short to drive boring Rides”.

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